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Our employees took part in the meeting of the technical committee for standardization TK-409 "Environmental Protection"
The topic of the meeting was the improvement of environmental standardization.
We signed a Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (Armenia)
The signed agreement will facilitate the experience exchange and taking measures to prevent risks and reduce the vulnerability of local communities and national structures.
Our experts made a presentation at a meeting of the Rosstat Scientific and Methodological Council, which addressed issues of environmental-economic accounting
At the meeting Marina Fomenko, PhD, Assoc. presented the report "Methodological recommendations (roadmap) on the implementation of priority accounts of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) in Russia" based on the results of studies carried out by the organization.
Our specialists took part in the international seminar "Measuring Resource Productivity: A Review of the Indicators, Country Experience and Current Issues"
The seminar was organized by the Federal State Statistics Service and the World Bank.
Our employees took part in the international conference "Business and Biodiversity"
The conference was organized with the support of the Expocenter “Reserves of Russia” and the Russian Geographical Society within the framework of the federal project “Preservation of Biological Diversity and the Development of Ecological Tourism” of the national project “Ecology”.
The 16th session of the Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators was held in Geneva, Switzerland
The session was attended by leading experts – Georgy Fomenko and Marina Fomenko.
Article by Georgy Fomenko "Environmental Management: Evolution of Institutional Change, Part 1" was published in the journal "Problems of Regional Ecology" No. 4/2019
The article is devoted to the problem of increasing the effectiveness of environmental protection measures through the orientation of environmental institutions towards sustainable development, taking into account socio-cultural features of territories.
Article by G.Fomenko, M.Fomenko, K.Loshadkin and A.Mikhailova "Accounting and assessment of ecosystem services of the Novokuznetsk coal mining region" was published in the peer-reviewed journal "Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences". No. 3/2019
The article presents the results of the economic assessment of ecosystem and abiotic services of the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation as an important part of  the effectiveness analysis of the existing spatial organization of environmental management in terms of the sustainability of the territory development.
Marina Fomenko as an expert spoke at the IMEMO with a report “Development of the information and analytical base of integrated forest management in the Russian Federation”
The speech was a part of the discussion of the report “Conservation of the Amazon Forest as a Global Problem” by Professor Scott Saleska, University of Arizona, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.
Professor Georgy Fomenko read an open lecture for students and educators at the Nukus branch of the Tashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan)
The topic of the lecture was “Economic Transition and Environmental Conservation”.
Our experts took part in the International Conference on Science and Environment "Elevating Science and Environmental Quality for Sustainable of Life" (URICSE-2019)
The conference took place in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. The theme of the conference is “Elevating science and environmental quality for sustainable of life”.
Resources and Consulting passed a supervisory audit of an integrated quality management system and environmental management in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015
The audit was conducted by leading auditors of the Management System Certification Body Cro Cert, a member of the international certification network IQNet (Switzerland).
Alexey Borodkin, leading expert in risk assessment, joined the expert group City Roads established under the Government of the Yaroslavl region
The first meeting of the expert group took place on August 22, 2019. Alexey Borodkin made a proposal to develop a map of noise exposure in the city of Yaroslavl, emphasizing the need for a detailed study of issues related to the efforts against noise exposure. He spoke about assessing the risks to human life and health, about priority measures to reduce noise in Yaroslavl and increase the comfort of living.
Article Environmental Development Strategy for Old-Developed Regions: Example of Yaroslavl Region by Georgy Fomenko, Marina Fomenko is published in collection Old-developed regions: genesis, historical fate, modern development trends
The article, on the example of the developed Environmental strategy of the Yaroslavl region, shows the results of a conjugate analysis of the priority problems of the region, taking into account the external context and global Sustainable Development Goals, including the main environmental problems of the Yaroslavl region, as well as selected mechanisms for their implementation and performance indicators.
Meeting of leading experts of Resources and Consulting with the secretariat of the Earth Charter was held at the University for Peace (Costa Rica)
The participants of the meeting discussed the results of the work of Resources and Consulting on promoting the principles of the Earth Charter and further interactions between the Institute and the Earth Charter Initiative.
The journal "Problems of Regional Ecology" N1/2019 published an article by G.Fomenko, A.Akhremenko, K.Loshadkin, D.Travina entitled "Naturally-Based Solutions Approach to Development of Water Supply Systems from Surface Waters of Plescheyevo Lake Basin"
The article describes the use of the Nature-based solutions approach (NbS) for water management.
Our experts - Konstantin Loshadkin, Ph.D. in Geography, Associate Professor, and Elena Arabova - took part in the workshop “Index of environmental protection expenditures and physical volume indicators according to the recommendations of OECD/Eurostat”
The workshop was organized by the Federal State Statistics Service in cooperation with the World Bank with the participation of international experts.
Our experts Georgy Fomenko, Doctor of Science, Professor, Marina Fomenko, PhD, Associate Professor, took part in ROSSTAT/UNECE/UNEP/OECD Joint Workshop on environment-related SDG Indicators
It was aimed to monitor progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It gathered together experts from UNEP, UNECE, OECD, IUCN, FAO.
A meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia took place in Moscow. It was devoted to the state policy and regulation of the development of protected areas and the Baikal natural territory
Our expert Georgy Fomenko, Doctor of Science in Geography, Professor, spoke at the section.
2019 Joint OECD/UNECE Seminar on Implementation of SEEA took place in Geneva
Resources and Consulting was represented by Georgy Fomenko, Doctor of Science in Geography, Professor, and Marina Fomenko, PhD in Geography, Associate Professor.

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